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To our Family of Customers:

With the passing of my father, Walt Lee, we have decided to close the business.  We also realize how this might have an effect on many of our customers.  Because of that, I approached Karen and John Zapczynski to continue manufacturing a limited line of our most requested items.  Karen has been with us for many years, involved in all the hand painting, and John has worked with us on several special projects.  Karen and John have a home based business called KZ Craft.  They can be contacted using the following: 

Email:   info@kzcraft.com

Web:     http://www.kzcraft.com
 (215) 675-5058

Philadelphia Fire Dept. Customers: Because walk in traffic needs to be kept to a minimum, for those of you in the Philadelphia Fire Dept., we have arranged with Jack Oswald to take your order and deliver your items.  Many of you might be familiar with Jack from his years of involvement with the Fire Museum.  You can contact Jack using the following:

Email:   phlfdwel@yahoo.com
Phone:  (215) 334-1227

He will take your order, answer any questions you might have, have the orders processed and hand deliver your order.

Should you have any questions, you can reach me using the following: 

Email:   jlee@waltlee.com
Phone:  (215) 620-9989

Once again I want to thank everyone on behalf of my father and myself, and wish all the best in the future. 


Jon Lee
Walter E. Lee Inc.



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